About Us

Brittany comes from a long line of farmers, going back to the 17th and 18th century, when her ancestors arrived in America. Her grandparents left the farm for more urban adventures, but Brittany and her husband Nate settled on 40 acres in Marshall, Texas, in 2014 and promptly bought a flock of chickens and a few ducks for eggs, dubbed the place Harper Valley Acres and had all the farm-fresh eggs they could eat. But what good are eggs without a T Bone and bacon?

So next came the bull (Red Winston, a registered Red Angus), then a few more Red Angus cows, some registered, some commercial. Their first calf – a heifer — was born on May 31, 2020, and promptly named Sister by Brittany and Nate’s son, Ben. They are currently waiting on calves #4-7 to be born!

After the cows came the pigs – registered Red Wattles. Howard’s JD Hogg (Boss to his friends) arrived in the pig pen in March of 2021 from Mena, Arkansas, and was later joined by pigs from Alabama and Wisconsin. The first litter of Red Wattles was born in May of 2021, four boars and two gilts.

A graduate of Wellesley College with an MBA from Texas A&M University, nobody was really expecting Brittany to go back to her farm roots (certainly not her father or brother, who get big laughs from her farming tales) but her days are now filled with muddy boots from cleaning out pig pens, apple cider vinegar by the gallon to make natural fly spray, and buckets used as stools for sitting with Boss Hogg for his evening belly rubs (he may be the favorite, but don’t tell the others!).